Making Your Businesses More Efficient Through Technology

J.S.Orris LLC is an information technology (IT) consulting agency. We specialize in providing IT solutions that can boost your online presence and generate success by automating your business systems through the following services:


Sales Optimization

Using the latest IT strategies, our team can analyze and improve your sales performance to achieve maximum revenue.

Lead to Cash Automation

We can combine new and old solutions by identifying your customers and areas of potential success within your current business model.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Our team can execute end-to-end inbound and outbound data flows in your business operations by automating your systems for real-time data sharing.

Integrations and Analytics

We can manage, prepare, transform, and deliver data flows to enable effective analytics.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Our IT consultant can translate your data into actionable steps for further business growth.

IT Strategy

Work with our team to examine your existing technology strategy to see what is effective and what is not to begin the process of developing custom-tailored plans for the future.

Automate Your System

Get in touch with our team to begin the process of automating your business systems with the guidance of our IT consultants.